Application: Need-Based Aid

Application: 2020-21 Need-Based Financial Aid

Through the generous support of donors, the Colburn School offers two forms of financial assistance through the Access Fund: need-based financial aid awards and Herbert Zipper Scholarships. Awards are distributed for the 2020 fall and 2021 spring semesters; there are no awards for the summer session. Need-based financial aid is based on the eligibility requirements below and are issued on a sliding scale based on financial need, size of family, extenuating circumstances (medical expenses, elder care, children with special needs, etc.). Awards are granted as percentages of tuition; it is expected that the family makes some sort of contribution to support the students’ studies.

•Applications must be submitted to the Community School Office by 6 pm on Wed, April 1, 2020 to be considered for a Herbert Zipper Scholarship or 4 pm on Sat, April 18, 2020 for need-based aid.

•Total gross family income as reported on 2019 tax returns must not exceed $85,000 annually.

•Students must be attending school up to the 12th grade or are age 17 and under, whichever is applicable.

•Students must demonstrate seriousness of purpose and motivation for chosen path of study. Evaluations and feedback from existing teachers will be considered to determine student progress, dedication, and consistent attendance.

•Continuing students with existing Colburn School accounts must be paid in full with zero outstanding debt.

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